Punjabi Movie Sardaar Ji Review

Undoubtedly, Sarfaar ji has been one of the most awaited Punjabi films of 2015. The movie is produced by the White Hill production, and directed by Rohit Jugrai Chauhan. Star cast include Diljit Dosanjh, Mandy Takhar, Neeru Bajwa, Sunita Dhir, Jaswinder Bhalla, and Amritpal Singh Chotu. The movie runs for 2 hour and 20 minutes.

The Story Line

Sardaar Ji is a comedy-romantic movie that cuts across along all ages and culture. It is supernatural comedy movie in the Pollywood that revolves around an orphan boy named Jaggi, (Diljit Dosanjh) who has special powers to cast-out spirits.

Dosanjh plays the role of a ghost hunter who loves to dream about the queen ghost, while, his co-star, Juliet and Jatt plays as the ghost. Dosanjh get a London invitation to solve problems with the wedding venue. However, he uses a somehow an awkward way to solve the problem to bring out the comic part of the movie. After many years of searching, Dosanjh meets Mandy Takhar (Jamsine) a dance teacher and the Diljit show begins. During the show, Dosanjh wins the trust of many people through his powerful acting and comedy skills.

Although you may have seen several ghost hunter comedy and badwap movies. The movie will make you laugh, cry, but very important, it will keep your entertained throughout.

Movie flow

Some parts of the film are easily predictable, the narration remains slow throughout the movie with some scene appearing to be forced. However, there are several parts which are not predictable with a sudden twist of an event. It is clear that Jugraj directed the movie very well and every scene formations, dialogues among many other aspects that make a film captivating simple and outstanding.

Sardaar Ji was again as produced one of the best badwap movies in Pollywood with an amazing performance. In the movie, Donsajh delivers a superb performance with a comic and romantic timing that will impress you.


The social media such as Twitter and Facebook are flooded with positive reviews about the movie with an average ranting of around 4.7 out of 5.

Final verdict

If you are looking for a perfect romantic-comedy you can watch with your family or friends, Sardaar Ji may be the perfect movie for you. From the reviews, it clear that this among the best Indian movie in 2015.

Diljit Dosanjh Punjabi movie download

You can also download the movie from a reputable website http://badwap.co.in.

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Bollywood Music

Origin of Bollywood music is said to be affect of divine intervention. Indian history mentions that Narada introduced the art of djpunjab music to the Earth from heaven. It says this is how it started the new era of music in this world. Indian music has evolved over thousands of years. Many cultures around the world and people from different races play their role in modernizing the today’s music. We should see some renowned sorts of Bollywood music. Hindi film Bollywood music began picking up ubiquity from 19th century. Dadasaheb phalke is expressed to be pioneer of the Indian film industry. In the first place sound film was later created in 1931 and it had surprising 7 hindi melodies. Group of onlookers appeared to like the thought of script of film blended with music titles in the grouping. From that point forward every film has been delivered with hindi melodies in them. Bollywood playback artists work alongside music authors, lyricists and make appealing tunes. A number of the melodies turn out to be to a great extent well known. These tunes are accessible on radio, on TV, on web demonstrated as live show, CDs, DVDs. In the current days playback artists have begun utilizing new innovation of sound blending programming and music related advanced instruments. This has brought about improved impact in the melodies. Innovation more common in western markets are currently been utilized by bollywood djpunjab artists as a part of Indian film industry. Wedding vocalists is turning into a renowned pattern nowadays. Indian weddings are well known in world for their great size and association. Specialists perform their most loved numbers to enliven the visitors. In the event that we go more towards conventional Bollywood music style , we will see Sufi music and Hindi Ghazals. These are imperative sorts of music in India. Sufism rationality had conceived sufi music. Noticeable sufi vocalists like nusrta fateh ali khan have made sufi music prominent even abroad. There are various shows, and occasions which occur abroad also. These occasions highlight sufi music, hindi ghazals by unmistakable VIPs.These ghazals can be listen on http://mr-velly.com. They have assortment of gatherings of people for the most part non private Indians, Pakistani nationals, and music/workmanship sweethearts. Ghajals are extremely unmistakable in their structure, they have components affection and detachment, and it brings enthusiastic esteem through its verses creation and vocals by the artist. Mr. Jagjeet singh is exceptionally acclaimed ghazal artist of Indian inception. Musicality in which the Ghazals are sung is extremely unmistakable. Ghazal were most noticeably as Dari verse and Urdu verse. Be that as it may, now days because of unfathomable prominence today it is found in the verse of numerous dialects of the Indian sub-landmass root.

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All About English Music

There are bunches of English music collections discharged in history however there are some that emerge among equivalents. Read on to find some of them which have enchanted countless around the world. ‘Their Greatest Hits 1971 – 1975′ by The Eagles is the smash hit collection ever with an offer of more than 29 million. It was discharged on 17th of February 1976 and comprises of ten tunes like ‘Bandit’, ‘Tequila Sunrise’, ‘DjMaza‘,’Best of My Love’ amongst others. It was discharged under the Asylum Label and a significant number of its tracks are diagram pioneers for commonly. Another top collection ever is “Thriller” by the celebrated late pop star, Michael Jackson. It was discharged in November 1982 and has sold more than 27 million duplicates. It was his 6th collection with exciting tracks like ‘Thriller’, ‘Billie Jean’, ‘Beat It’, just to specify a couple. The generation, which has a length of 42:19 minutes, was taken care of by Quincy Jones and discharged under the name of Epic Records. Besides, Drove Zeppelin IV that can found on http://dj-maza.net. This collection additionally made it to the rundown. It was discharged by the prominent English band, Led Zeppelin and has sold around 23 million duplicates. Discharged in November 1971, it was the fourth collection of this band and discharged under the Atlantic Label with the generation directed by Jimmy Page. It was an enormous accomplishment as it was loaded with hard shake, society rock, and overwhelming metal with all around loved tracks like ‘Dark Dog’ and ‘Going to California’. Pink Floyd likewise made the rundown with a collection titled ‘The Wall’ which has sold more than 23 million duplicates. Discharged on 30th November 1979, the music fits in with the stone kind and was popular to the point that the Hollywood made a motion picture having the same name. Pink Floyd is a gathering of seven musicians; David Gilmour, Rick Wright, Syd Barret, Jon Carin, Nick Mason,Waters and Rado Close. In 1996, they were named to the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame and all the melodies of the collection were composed by Roger Waters. Music specifically was going to change significantly with the presentation of another musical style called the Madrigal, a music frame most connected with that of Elizabethan music. This kind of music was initially made in Italy and like numerous fine arts from that locale advanced west to England. As effectively said the Madrigal was an exceptionally prevalent and a very respected music shape in Italy, and an awesome number of Italian scholars and arrangers composed numerous great organizations. Aside from a couple hit and miss, not exceptionally very much built cases, which had effectively showed up and neglected to catch individuals’ creative energy, its likely sheltered to say that the first fitting acquaintance of the Madrigal with English music significant others was the production of Nicholas Yonge’s “Musica Transalpina,” in 1588. This distribution of the “Musica” made the monstrous enthusiasm for this sort of remix djmaza music. Individuals abruptly to notice and began to listen to this sort of music. Arrangers were generally as eager and needed to write in this style. Inside of the following quarter of a century, about every writer of all capacities had distributed one or more arrangements of madrigals.

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