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Jaime Alvarez has studied dancing with world class masters in several countries, throughout his life he has participated in numerous dance congresses and Argentinean Tango dance training workshops with internationally acclaimed masters of dancing. He has been organizing and promoting Contemporary Dances in the New England area since 1995. He has received numerous prizes, trophies and honorary mentions. Jaime has taught extra-mural dance courses in colleges in Massachusetts, Vermont and Connecticut . Jaime has performed in of Argentinean Tango dance shows and competitions in venues in Colombia, Florida, Massachusetts and Connecticut and other venues.

Jaime and his wife Alexandra Alvarez coordinate a Dance Program that promotes intercultural communication sponsored by OPED a non-profit organization seeking to promote exchange between people of different cultures by creating environments for common expression among individuals and groups of diverse backgrounds. OPED has produced in the last 25 years multicultural exchange programs using the mediums of music food and dance.

Jaime & Alexandra Alvarez use the fundamentals for couple dancing and the fundamentals for interpersonal communications to explore the mechanics of leading & following in dancing and on exploring the dynamics of the relationship between rotating and switching dyads. In an educational, supportive environment they and their associates teach skills for optimum non-verbal communications to explore inter-personal dynamics of a given situation, for individuals as well as for couples, to sharpen problem solving skills in a fun atmosphere in a beautiful setting.

Focused on the mechanics of leading & following in dancing and on exploring the dynamics of the relationship between rotating and switching dyads and their ability to integrate motion  concepts of torque, momentum, "body motion's force", "non-verbal communications","inter-personal feedback", "feelings", "personal style" and "auto-discovery". These workshops uses these focuses to begin the exploration of truly comfortable partnering dancing and to begin to explore interpersonal dynamics of short relationships as a micro-Cosmo of longer duration relationships. The instructors/facilitators lightly explore correlations of the dynamics between some aspects of personalities and some ways to approach the continuum of distance vs. closeness in the relationship that is established for the short duration of each song and in other relationships. 

Participants build a strong understanding of simple mechanical skills that are needed switching roles as leader to understand and care for the follower as well as follower to understand and harmoniously execute the role and in doing so making the dance experience work blissfully with each rotating partner.  It will also further develop communications skills for the "inter-personal dance information" as it relates to the dance experience; the skillful facilitators encourage the expressions by the participants of self-realizations, which are called "auto-discoveries".

Warm regards, Jaime & Alexandra

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2003 USA IDO ARGENTINEAN TANGO CHAMPIONS. Belong to a category of dancers who are disciplined, tenacious and persistent. Although they fill different roles they share the same objective: to master the art of togetherness through feeling andtechnique. They believe in a partnership with mutual understanding and communication between a man and woman.

Colette is a well known Canadian artist with a long and brilliant pictorial career in Canada, the United States and Europe (especially Spain). For many years she has been equally devoted to Argentinean Tango and studied with grand masters in Buenos Aires and Canada.
Richard, a Floridian, began his dancing career as a ballroom competitor. He turned to Tango after meeting Colette who became his dance partner.
Colette and Richard have performed in numerous shows around the U.S. and Canada and are a part of a touring company called Sensual Tango Review.



Ana Linda Marcus is a Massachusetts area Tango dancer for 7 years. Ana Linda is also a seasoned dancer of other Latin dances and of the disciplines of Yoga and Tai Chi. She has studied tango with master instructors in NY, California, Montreal and Buenos Aires. She is a professional instructor and founder of "Tango Embrace" of Boston specializing in "Close Embrace" whether through the shared axis or the independent axis. Ana Linda also teaches open figure styles.

Shalom Volckok, he has had a fortune filled tango life. Obsessed with tango since the first day he tried the dance, early on, Shalom realized the importance of making the dance feel good. This has continued to be his ongoing emphasis. .Shalom's teaching style puts great emphasis on connection. Shalom believes that in Tango it is never "the other persons fault". He teaches the use of momentum and torque within the follower's body as a way to create "an invisible lead". By "hiding" the lead, both the leader and follower are able to concentrate on building the bliss of Tango. Shalom believes that Tango is primarily a social dance and as such he teaches people how to feel good and enjoy each other from the very beginning. Shalom has been an ongoing teacher at Providence Tango, in Rhode Island . He has also performed in many local events, including the last two Providence Water Fire events and the Providence Hispanic month festival.



Brandon Shaw has been a tango dancer, enthusiast, and performer for over six years. He is the founder and primary teacher of the U. Mass Argentine Tango Club in Amherst, where he teaches bi-weekly lessons, large workshops, and individual lessons.

As a teacher, Brandon is noted for his attention to technique for both followers and leaders and for creating a fun environment where dancers can learn quickly. Brandon ís dancing style is characterized by its rhythmicality and sensuousness, as well a playful, experimental nature. He has spent several months in Buenos Aires training under such teachers as Pablo y Dana, Gustavo Naveira, El Pulpo, Ana Maria Shapiro, and the late maestro Carlos Gavito. On his most recent trip, Brandon was filmed for ABC Primetimeís feature on Americans dancing tango in Argentina.

Dinah Grossman grew up in Maine, where she studied classical ballet under Andrei Bossov, former principal dancer and choreographer for the Kirov Ballet. In 2004 she traveled to Buenos Aires to study Argentine tango under Claudia Bozzo and Augusta Balizano. Her training there focused on follower's technique and musicality.



Carlos Moreno & Tova
have been dancing Argentine Tango together for over six years. Michelle Badion,  Evan Wallace, Fabian Salas, Carolina Zokalski, Diego Di Falco, Jorge Dispari, Luciana Valle, Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne were important influences on their development and style. They found their tango style rooted in musicality, connection and playfulness. Tova and Carlos established a tango community in Baltimore . They now live in Boston. Tova and Carlos analyze complex tango movements and articulate the tricks that allow accomplishing those movements; they bring humor and energy to their classes, focusing on proper techniques, from subtle weight changes to powerful boleos. On the social dance floor, they express the contrasts found in tango music. Their style is a lively mix of open and close embrace, nuevo and traditional movements, built on connection and wrapped up in musicality.



Clifton Chow, interpreting the music of the "Buenos Aires Porteno" on the dance floor and off has been a passion that has enchanted Clifton for nearly a decade, since he first saw couples spontaneously dance in the streets of San Telmo, one of the neighborhoods of Buenos Aires Argentina , where the Tango originated. Clifton has been trained by internationally renowned Argentine Tango dancers such as Broadway's Pablo Veron, Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn, and Fabian Salas.
Additionally, Clifton has also choreographed a stage production of "Tango: A Love Story" at the historic Belcourt Theatre and Opryland Hotel near the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. Clifton has performed in festivals and banquets in Cambridge for his alma mater, Harvard University, in Boston, Rhode Island, Tennessee and Kentucky . He has also taught private and group classes in the Boston area. Clifton also DJ at the most popularly attended milongas, such as the famed Boston Tango Under the Moon Light and special weekend workshops for dancers in metropolitan Nashville.

Maria Pia De Pasquale, started Argentine Tango ON 2000 in Boston, MA. Maria Pia has studied with Pablo Veron, Miriam Larici & Hugo Patyn, Nito and Elba, Carina Losano.  She flies all over the States and Europe for Tango festivals and workshops. Since 2002 she is  Artistic Director of the Argentine Tango Society of Nashville ,  teaches individual, group classes and workshops in Nashville and organizes "Milongas". She has performed at the Tennessee Latino Awards Gala, artistic events in Cheekwood Museum , festival and at local entertainments venues across the city. Maria Pia De Pasquale, is Research Assistant Professor of Medicine at Vanderbilt University.



Daniel Trener has been dancing tango since 1986, when he was one of the first generation of young people to rediscover the tango among the older generation of dancers in Buenos Aires, the milongueros. His teachers comprise a who's who of tangueros in Buenos Aires. He returned north in 1991, and has become known as a "Johnny Appleseed" of tango, having taught in more than 100 cities. He founded Bridge to the Tango, the Tango Catalogue, and BttTV.

Experienced students are encouraged to attend the earlier classes. Daniel promises that everything he will cover in the early classes will be of use for you.



David Ward and Sabine Keller
have over 14 years combined experience in Tango dancing and teaching.
Their dancing is strongly influenced by the teachings of some of the best-known Tango Masters in the world, with whom they have studied in Argentina as well as in the U.S.   They have been captured dancing Tango on the TV (WGBY Channel 2). David and Sabine presently teach all levels of tango at Brandeis University and in the Boston Area. Their dancing is rooted in the social "salon" style, which they have developed in the milongas of Argentina , Europe and North America.



Ethan Plunkett has taught a variety of dance styles since 1997. He studied tango initially with Claudia Mufano and Dario DaSilva and later spent seven months studying tango intensively in Argentina where he took classes from many instructors but primarily worked with Silvio La Via. They enjoy dancing the broad array of styles that make up Argentine Tango and teach with an emphasis on the connections between partners and to the music that unite all of those styles.

Jennie Riley has been a dancer her entire life, bringing to tango a foundation of ballet, modern, contact improvisation and couples dancing. She has studied in Buenos Aires and with teachers throughout the U.S.


Gia is a professional belly dancer, who teaches and performs around Connecticut  since 1998. Gia also has
30 years experience in yoga, also dance experience in ballroom, country western, tango, and chi quong....

I began dancing tango about six years ago after being dragged, kicking and screaming, to my first lesson. By the second lesson I was addicted and pursued the dance with a vengeance, certain that I could conquer it.  Over the years, I have learned that dancing tango is not something to be conquered, it is something to enjoy. I stopped concentrating on all those moves that made me (and my partner) feel like a pretzel and concentrated on the joy of expressing myself and being understood: the pleasure of being together and moving together - the pleasure of lead and follow.  As instructors at the Berkshire Tango Society, the goal for both Linda Skipper, Shawn Baker and my self is to find ways to make the dance effortless and pleasurable.

She has studied with master Argentine teachers in the U.S. and Buenos Aires, notably Luciana Valle, Susana Miller, Pablo Veron, Carlos Gavito, Néstor La Vitola, Facundo and Kely Posadas. .A teacher in Boston area, Mary Ellen also travels regularly to major tango events and festivals in the U.S. and abroad, where she teaches at workshops and offers private lessons. Most recently, she assisted Alex Krebs at his workshops in Montreal . She offers tango tours to South America . Dancer of close embrace tango for over a dozen years, Mary Ellen's recent performances include "Por Una Cabeza," the inaugural milonga in Mendoza, Argentina, and "Tango Under the Stars", a gala at the Oyster Harbors Club on Cape Cod, with lives music by the New York Tango Trio. Last year, she was invited to perform in Udine , Italy , at the "Tango Fest IV", with music by bandoneonist Tito Castro and guitarist Pancho Navarro, musical composer for the film "Frida." She has been invited to teach the "Tango Festival" series; the series sponsored by the mayor, who will close off streets in the center of the historic district of Roslindale, Massachusetts for those evenings. She performs tango for stage productions in the Boston area, as well as at private functions and local festivals.


Moti of Organic Tango LA has appeared in venues across Los Angeles including the Ford Amphitheater, and the J. Paul Getty Museum. He has taught across this country in New York , San Diego , Las Vegas , Portland , and San Francisco and internationally in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. He currently, teaches, promotes, performs, and choreographs in Los Angeles.



Pracha Peter Eamranond and Martha Castano:
Began dancing as a couple in 2002. They have had many excellent instructors including Jaime Alvarez, Judith Phelps, Leonardo Cuello and Veronica Lopez (from Senor Tango), as well as many other instructors from Argentina including Facundo Persico and Viviana Sousa, Alejandra Arrue and Sergio Natario, Carlos Gavito, Chicho, and Gustavo Naveira.

It is with pride and pleasure that Dance World brings Peter & Martha, talented dancers, so they can share their learningís in Buenos Aires and inspire us.



started her tango career in San Francisco . She has intensely studied tango in Buenos Aires exploring different styles with various world famous teachers, like Carlos Gavito and Gustavo Naveira. In addition to teaching group classes, workshops and private lessons she has performed in various tango events in the US . Regular teacher in Boston.



Professional Flamenco dancer, who teaches and performs in New York City  since 1998. Soledad has 30 Flamenco years of experience teaching and performing in a large list of venues as a performer and as an instructor of dances from Spain.


Warm Regards


Jaime & Alexandra
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